Welcome to the Age of Total War. World War I and the years that followed were pivotal in the development of American, European, and World history. It is the purpose of this class to review the critical events in European and World history that set the stage for the world we currently reside. Many may not think that distant events have a profound impact on future generations. For those that do, this course will be an awakening. For without the First World War, there would not have been a Bolshevik Revolution. Without the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler may not have come to power. If Hitler did not come to power in 1933, perhaps World War II could have been avoided and there would not have been a Cold War and a modern Israel. Unfortunately mistakes were made. The Age of Total War will review the scope of World history in order to explain what had happened and why the world leaders failed to avoid the cataclysm that engulfed humanity between 1930 and 1945.Some of the topic to be covered will be World War I, Versailles, the Russian Revolution, the Weimar Republic, the Rise of Hitler, the lawlessness of the 1930s, and the coming of the Second World War.
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1 World War I 1967
2 Coming of World War II 1573
3 Anglo-American Military 1668
4 The Holocaust 2395
5 Ethiopia and Spanish Civil War 1677
6 The Atomic Bomb 1904